Meson de Cándido



Segovia suckling pig is a food listed by the Junta de Castilla y León in 2002 under the category of Marca de Garantía, with its Regulatory Board the "Association for the Promotion of Segovian Piglet".

Its geographical scope is located at the province of Segovia, and the animals are raised in special farms devoted entirely to the production of this pigs. The special features of the protected pigs, which make different from the rest of similar dishes, are: they are only fed with the milk from their mothers, they weigh between 4.5 and 6.5 kg, and they must be less than three weeks old. The pigs are sold only whole, their colour are white in the outside and pink inside, ant they must always be marked in one ear with a blue label and in the other ear with the brand Marca de garantía.

The product is available in two formats: fresh or roasted in a traditional wood oven, which is the more famous way. One of the biggest promoters of this dish was Cándido López Sanz, Segovian chef, known as the "Major Innkeeper of Castile," a title endorsed by His Majesty the King Juan Carlos I. Cándido popularized this dish at Meson de Candido, on the historic Plaza del Azoguejo, by the Roman aqueduct.


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